Fretboard workshop will help you kick ass in four ways:

Get your G.A.M.E. on!

  1. Gain Technical Precision

  2. Accelerate the Learning Curve

  3. Maximize Retention

  4. Enhance Proficiency

When it’s your turn to lead the jam… kick its ass.

Admiration, Respect and free beer


And more stuff… Serious skills for amateur musicians.
FW is based on pedagogy backed by positive psychology and instructional design. It’s a learning platform designed to help you do one thing: kick ass! And, learn more music, faster. And, retain it longer. And and, play it well enough in a jam session you don’t embarrass yourself.
You get to learn songs, You get to teach songs, and you can even heckle your friends. What could be better?
This is learning community, which means, it only works if you participate.  So…., if you are still reading this and your eyes haven’t glazed over. I know you’re a true patriot. And you actually believe that audience participation is a good thing. Just look at the “Rocky Horror Picture Show.” But I digress…
Oh yeah, participate… Please, please, please, add a comment when you come by. Share a soundcloud, or an audio track, or the correct chords, or the correct tab of that song you’re learning. Or, better yet, share your much better version. Mostly so we can help you kick more ass, but also so we can heckle you. Just a little bit.
Even more stuff…
Each lesson is broken down by song. Each song has a basic and advanced set of videos, as well as tab files, chords and lyrics.
You can slow down the videos so that you can actually learn the song. We are working on new and improved version of this feature. But right now, you can slow down the song in 2 ways.
  1. The youtube settings icon (looks like a gear), let’s you choose the speed.
  2. Install the “Video Speed Controller” from Chrome extentions and use the “S” and “D” keys to decrease and increase the speed (respectively).
We’re open 24 hours. So there’s no waiting. You can learn a new song right now. What are you waiting for?? Go searching for something you want to learn.
Need to get in touch? Contact us!